Worlding was commissioned by Roehampton University Dance Department for eight final year BA students in the autumn of 2018, with performances in spring of 2019.

During the construction of this work the dancers immersed themselves in the practice of improvisational scores. This process was then translated into Worlding, a 20 minute performance work.

Choreography and Lighting: Gaby Agis

Performers: Mylene Lea Brun, Anastasia Cioclea, Ioanna Georgopoulou, Elettra Giunta, Victoria Tate, Zoe Charlotte Mcintyre, Anastasia Petrakidou, Anett Toth

Music: Ngonnalati, Baka Forest People of Southeast Cameroon; Sidone Ninungajuq (Master Instructor of Pisiit) song created as a map for hunting grounds, Iqaluit, Canada

Photography: Alice Underwood

Worlding 1 2.jpg