Shouting Out Loud

'The 1980s were a period of great social and political unrest. Thatcherism was in full swing. The miners' strikes and the gay pride, anti-racist and feminist movements dominated the landscape. This provided the context and backdrop to artists' lives. Again, we live in turbulent and uncertain times. By reconstructing Shouting Out Loud, I am interested in discovering to what degree art reflects the times that we live in.' 

Gaby Agis, October 2014

Photo: Catherine Heatherington (1984 cast)

Photo: Catherine Heatherington (1984 cast)

Shouting Out Loud was originally choreographed and performed in 1984 for 13 women at three London venues—Riverside Studios, Chisenhale Dance Space, and the ICA—to a soundtrack composed by Ana Da Silva and The Raincoats.

Shouting Out Loud was reconstructed for the first time in 2014 to mark its 30th anniversary. It has since been reconstructed several times for casts of multi-generational women performers, with performances throughout the UK and, most recently, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Original 1984 Cast: Emily Barney, Claire Bushe, Lucy Fawcett, Lindy Flowers, Sue Glasser, Johanna Godliman, Jane Hansford, Ann Herdman Smith, Jessica Loeb, Mary Prestidge, Helen Rowsell, Catherine Tucker, Sian Webber

Choreography: Gaby Agis
Music: Ana Da Silva and The Raincoats


Istanbul, International Women’s Day Celebration, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University


Ebru Ahunbay, Aslı Bostancı, Ebru Cansiz, Olcay Karahan, İdil Kemer, Serap Meriç, Ekin Once, Ayse Orhon, Funda Ozokçu, Alexa Rani Schmid, Deniz Soyarslan, Tugce Tuna, Bahar Vidinlioğlu

Photographer: Murat Durum


Liverpool, LEAP Festival, Hope University (double bill with Close Streams)


Andrea Buckley, Beth Dobson, Manny Emslie, Jennifer Hale, Paula Hampson, Abbi Henderson, Katerina Hill, Sandra Jacques, Paddy Kent, Ronnie Maguire, Mary Prestidge, Vicci Riley, Poppy Tierney, (Angie Walton for the rehearsals)

Photographer: Jazamin Sinclair

Funded by Arts Coucil England

With support from Liverpool John Moores University Dance Department



Leeds Beckett University (double bill with Ana da Silva)

Cast: Sophie Alder, Teresa Brayshaw, Beth Cassani, Rachel Dean, Vanessa Grasse, Marie Hallager Andersen, Charlotte Hempenstall-Matthews, Rachel Krische, Maria Popova, Caroline Scott, Emily Snow, Poppy Tierney

"Shouting Out Loud seems as powerful and vibrant as I remember it from 1984. The image of a group of women running purposefully into the space, wearing dresses and heavy shoes or boots which they later kick off, contrasts effectively to the passive beauty which women, even now, are encouraged to portray.  Walking and running, the women take their independent space. They also share the space with each other, lifting one another and rolling through the space sometimes over each other. A particularly memorable moment is Rachel Krische crossing the front of the space in a slow, sustained sideways linear walk while at the same time Beth Cassani moves in small circles in a linear path, allowing her head to turn at the very last moment, across the back of the space in the opposite direction. Moving through the space between the two performers, Teresa Brayshaw makes haunting vocal sounds. They bring a rich embodied experience to the work which is performed by an inter-generational group of women aged in their 20s through to their 50s. This work speaks to the cultural conditions of our time and the challenges we are facing as it also did in the 1980s."

Christy Adair February 2017

Funded by Leeds Beckett University


London, Greenwich Dance, Town Hall (double bill with The Raincoats)

Cast: Natasha Beauchamp, Annalise Cowan, Sophie Davis, Joy Esaya-Mukuka, Lucy Fawcett, Rachel Gildea, Jessica Murray, Jane Hansford, Florence Peake, Mary Prestidge, Susanna Recchia, Rosalie Wahlfrid, Sian Webber

Project manager: Silke Arnold

Funded by Arts Council England and Greenwich Dance


Details from musical score for Shouting Out Loud by Ana da Silva and The Raincoats, 1984


London, Trinity Laban, historical repertoire

Cast: Giulia Avino, Elena, Katherine Clarke, Elizabeth Killick, Maria Kinnunen, April Martin, Lidia Nousia, Jasmine Orr, Maijastiina Palm, Taylor Thompson, Maria Vincentelli, Emmie Webster


Coventry, Coventry University (double bill with Ana da Silva)

Cast: Emily Allibone, Isabel Martín, Consuegra Isabel Martín, Consuegra Barrajón, Beth Burdett, Annalise Cowan, Beth Crowder, Sophie Davis, Courtney Evans, Sofia Mirza, Maryam Mohammed, Leah Murphy, Shanise Sharpe, Eleanor Shatford, Caitlin Sidney, Alison Tomkiss, Keren Williams

Funded by Arts Council England and Coventry University


London, University of Roehampton, Chisenhale Dance Space (double bill with Ana da Silva)

Cast: Natasha Beauchamp, Joy Esaya-Mukuka, Lucy Fawcett, Rachel Gildea, Jessica Loeb, Jessica Murray, Katja Nyqvist, Florence Peake, Mary Prestidge, Amaara Raheem, Susanna Recchia, Rosalie Wahlfrid, Megan Elizabeth Williams

Project manager: Silke Arnold

Funded by Arts Council England and Roehampton Dance

Film by Ariadne Mikou