Touch Un-Sited

Touch Un-Sited (2001) was originally developed as a trio (Gaby Agis, Kirsty Alexander, Florence Peake) during a residency at the Architectural Association in London. Architectural collaborators included Michael Weinstock, Pasi Makkonen, Jan Clostermann, Jordi Pages, Bibiana Zapf and Jite Brume, with a soundscore by Brandon LaBelle and Steve Roden.

Touch Un-Sited premiered at the AA, and then was performed during a residency with Joan Skinner at Greenwich Dance Agency.

Touch Un-Sited (2005) was remounted for five dancers for Arts Council England’s 2005 Architecture Week celebrations. It was performed at three iconic sites across London: the South London Gallery, the Canary Wharf Tube Station and the Chelsea Westminster Hospital.  

The dancers were Gaby Agis, Henry Montes, Joe Moran, Florence Peake and Kirstie Richardson.