Peripheral Landscapes

Peripheral Landscapes is a duet performed by Eeva-Maria Mutka and Titta Court made in collaboration with choreographer Gaby Agis.

Developed in 2008 in the landscapes of Carmarthenshire, Wales and Tornio and Ylitornio, Finland, Peripheral Landscapes began as a research project which was documented on film. In 2010 it became a performance which debuted in Tornio, Finland and then toured to Coventry, England, Carmarthen and Cardiff, Wales. 


Choreography: Gaby Agis Performers: Titta Court, Eeva-Maria Mutka Costumes: Helen Merino Film: Jeff Higley Sound: Mark Horrocks Photography: Christian Kipp

Supported by: Wales Arts International, Arts Council of Wales, Tornio Culture and Tourism, Arts Council of Lapland, Finnish Council for Dance