Quaking Matter

Quaking Matter was commissioned in the autumn of 2016 by Tamara Ashley for The Ensemble: MA Dance Performance and Choreography at the University of Bedfordshire. Quaking Matter was choreographed for a cast of seven young women and toured in the spring of 2017 to five venues throughout the UK and to Malta.  

"The ideas of the visual artists Giuseppe Penone and Richard Serra regarding perception, weight and gravity underpinned some of the explorations in making the work."

– Gaby Agis 

Gaby Agis: Choreography and Lighting

Performers: Katie Boag, Bryony Garner, Emma Lofting, Kathryn Mettes, Jade Saddington, Jenny Snow

Music: Marina Rosenfeld, Michael Esther and Brandon LaBelle, “metal purse logic”, Purse, and David Lang, “Just (After Song of Songs)”, Youth

Photography: Rachel Cherry